The Commish visits the Governors Mansion

May 17, 2011 - 11:18 am -


So Roger Goodell is still in town trying to help mediate the bickering between players and owners, and he swung by the Governors Mansion this morning. Of course, Mark Dayton, the Governor, was there, so it was just a giant rub elbows fest … Does Mr. Dayton even sleep there? What a waste? The TCS staff would like to go on record and ask Mr. Dayton if we could throw a party there this weekend?!


Anyway, we got this pic of them addressing the media a few hours ago … Were starting to hope this issue never gets resolved, if it continues to result in Ochocinco riding bulls, and Ray Edwards turning into a boxer — it’s fun to see this big guys try other trades and vocations!

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