Nick Swardson, Josh Hartnett Get Har Mar Superstar-ed

December 28, 2011 - 2:05 pm -

Nick Swardson and Josh Hartnett at Nick and Eddie


So … Nick Swardson is still running around MSP getting poopydicked. Last night he decided to check out Har Mar Superstar at Nick and Eddie, pictured above. What’s that? You don’t know Har Mar Superstar? Well he is a local “musician”, that is very similar in appearance to Ron Jeremy, and is usually naked like Ron Jeremy and is overall as tawdry as Ron Jeremy – basically he is Minnesota’s version of Ron Jeremy. That said, when keeping his clothes on, and having pretty folk – can we say Eva Mendes – take their clothes off, he does make for an interesting music video.


But wait, there is more?! Yes, turns out our local pretty boy Josh Hartnett is also back for the Holidays and happened to be at N&E as well. See that hipster dude in the glasses right smack dab between Har Mar’s legs?! That’s our lovable¬†Josh Hartnett! What a bevy of local talent! A stock pile if you will. The crazy part though, they were all hanging out together and following the show, they all went to Hartnett’s crib on Lake of the Isles. (Of which we heard, Mr. Hartnett lacks an eye for interior design, which would contradict our expectation …)


Anyway, as much as we love Swardson, we kind of find it ironic that Mr. Hartnett perished in that claptrap film Pearl Harbor, right around the time his career died as well …

Editors Note; None of us at TCS were at this show – nor did we want to be – and if you click the image, it has always linked you directly to the original source; the lovely @kshoop. We apologize for any confusion resulting from this, as we were never looking to be deceitful or to take credit for another person’s work.

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