Judah Friedlander Performs in Dinkytown

April 13, 2012 - 1:53 pm -

Judah Friedlander in Minnesota


Funny hat guy – and the dude from 30 Rock – Judah Friedlander performed at Varsity Theater in Dinkytown on Tuesday. Is it just us, or is dude beginning to look a lot like the late Macho Man Randy Savage? <Oh, yeaaah!> Apparently Judah went for a meat coma prior to his show – we assume Fogo de Chao, or Slim Jims, but can’t confirm either – which we find to be an interesting choice; though, all we heard were pleasantries about his performance. So maybe the more steak and bacon – or processed meat snacks – you cram down your word hole prior to a comedic speaking engagement the better …


Also, if you are a fan of fan pics, or just want to see Judah’s Minneapolis hat choice – boop, bop, beep, pop, doop, lap, hop – those should hold you over.


Judah Friedlander in the Twin Cities


Judah Friedlander in Minnesota

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