Andy Richter Interrupts, Reggie Watts in St Paul

April 17, 2012 - 10:13 pm -

Andy Richter and Reggie Watts in Twin Cities Minnesota


Conans sidekicks, cronies, young grasshoppers, etc, Reggie Watts and Andy Richter swung by the Fitzgerald Theater in St Paul on Friday. Turns out MPR does this fun little thing called Wits, where they bring in mediocre great comedy minds, that discuss their style and craft. It’s a lot like Inside the Actors Studio, but in our backyard, downtown St Paul and more fun, rather than dramatic. Pretty cool. If you haven’t seen Watts do what he does, YouTube it. It is quite a site. And if you haven’t seen what Andy Richter does, then … <oops, we were interrupted by Andy Richter> …


Also if you are one of those wacky folk that have a fetish for backstage … <and let us pause as Mr Richter cuts us off again in another attempt to be funny, a joke that was probably just alright and wasn’t worth the urgency of an interruption > … As we were saying, if you enjoy backstage pictures of celebrities with nobodies, take a look at this, this or this.


Reggie Watts Soundcheck in Minnesota


Reggie Watts Soundcheck in Twin Cities for MPR Wits


Reggie Watts Performs in Minnesota


Reggie Watts in Minnesota


Reggie Watts at the Fitzgerald Theater


Andy Richter in Minnesota


Reggie Watts in Minnesota

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