Karmin at Star Party Makes Us Happy

May 20, 2012 - 9:43 pm -

Karmin Performs at KDWB Star Party in Twin Cities


Karmin performed at Myth for the KDWB Star Party this past Thursday. We actually really enjoy this duo. Their YouTube covers are quite quirky and unique. Most YouTube famers piss us off – see Jenna Marbles, or any parent exploiting their kids – but we find these two to be more than a fluke; which we think has been validated with the success of – our jam – Brokenhearted. It’s rare when music makes us smile, just straight up fart-in-the-bathtub happy, but their music does that to us. So word to them! Also, fellow performer Chris Rene – starstruck apparently – posted a picture of him and Karmin, see below.


Oh yea, and how about this little fun diddy. Before the show even started, this little lady had the keen eye to recognize the two at the airport – both of whom were not in the least jazzed up – coming into town. We may need to give her a job! And then after the show, this dude got a picture with the duo, and these chicks with half the duo.


Karmin at KDWB Star Party


Karmin and Chris Rene at Myth in Minnesota


Karmin Performs at KDWB Star Party at Myth in Twin Cities

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