An Open Letter to the HIMYM Writers

June 6, 2012 - 11:47 pm -


This is what the kids call an open letter – a published diary of venting persay – to the writers of the hit television show How I Met Your Mother. I was a season or two late to the party, but have managed to keep myself up to date now 7 seasons later. It has been a few weeks now since the season finale, so I have had some time to reflect on the plot twists, and that, combined with the fact that this is my website, makes me qualified I feel to write this —


Dear HIMYM Writers,


I would like to start by saying, your program, though backed by a brutally bad laugh track, is probably the finest network comedy since Home Improvement. The strong character development, as well as unique story telling style, isn’t only rare to find these days, it is damned impressive. I too also thoroughly enjoy the barrage of synonym wordplay one liner, things, and the fact that the group is at the bar more than I am. So, know that my criticisms to follow, are out of love, jealousy and a feeling of connection I have formed with the show.


First and foremost, I need to state the obvious. The name of the program and the premise, implies the story – and consequently the show – will be done when Ted meets his future wife. Therefore, I truly hope that this bringing back of Victoria decision is just a standard HIMYM curveball and nothing more. This isn’t because I was never a big fan of Victoria, but rather because Ted couldn’t of met his future wife yet, otherwise again, the show and story would of ended. I trust you realize this, and that when we do finally meet the mother, she will be new to us viewers and previously unknown.


Next, as far as the Barney slash Robin marriage; solid move, but I can’t say I didn’t see it coming. These two were meant for each other, and it was the natural progression their characters both took. As sad as I am that Barney is going to throw away his awe – wait for it – some life, it is for an awesome broad. High five!


With regards to Marshall and Lily’s baby, Marvin; what an awe moment! That sure made a stoic, man alone on his couch, feel all sensitive and shit. As far as the middle name, not sure how I feel. At first I thought it was pretty funny, but then as I reflect, it seems like a lapse in writing. Side note, my hero Jason Segel does a wicked hilarious drunkard. Well played.


Finally, I am not sure who your show runner is, and I am too lethargic to research it, but during this off-season, I truly hope s/he goes back through every 160 episodes meticuously, so as to not miss anything. The convoluted story telling style, though genius as mentioned previously, can result in some oversight and frustrating slips. Example, the fact that in the pilot, Marshall quivers “I have never been in a fight”, only to later beat the ish out of that big ass bartender dude cause he and “his brothers use to fight all the time” … Ultimately, I just don’t want the final season to be overshadowed by a distracting blunder or two.


That all said, I am very much looking forward to the climatic and conclusive 8th season, as well as finally getting to meet Mrs Mosby. With the information I have laid out here, and the great ending to season 7, I am sure you will not disappoint.






BTW, Josh Radnor, aka Ted Mosby. Beyond the fact that I find him to be terribly annoying – maybe because we are polar opposites – why do you not see him anywhere? Everyone else on the show has side projects, makes late night appearances et al. Josh however, nope, never. Seriously? How is he not anywhere but the CBS lot for this show?! Either that is an accomplishment in the sense that he has a private life, what with all the bastard paparazzo out there these days, or it shows his lack of flexibility in acting. Not sure which, I don’t know, I’m not David Caruso. Nonetheless, I find it to be eerily weird.

Mike ‘Box’ Elder is a lover of movies and scotch. He drives a Honda, and aspires to be a sitcom writer someday. Follow his musings on Twitter @mikeboxelder.

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