Christian Ponder and Co. Fail at Big Island

June 11, 2012 - 10:46 pm -

Minnesota Vikings Christian Ponder, Kyle Rudolph, John Sullivan Shirtless in the Twin Cities


Some of the Minnesota Vikings studs players – quarterback Christian Ponder, tight end Kyle Rudolph and lineman John Sullivan – hit up Big Island on Lake Minnetonka Saturday. They went with their dogs, or in the case of Ponder, alone. Those athletes who have paved the way before them – Eric Decker w/ Jessie James and Kris Humphries w/ Kim Kardashian – would be so disappointed in the lack of tail in these pictures; either that or they would laugh at these seemingly failures who consider themselves to be professional athletes. That said, don’t they say the way a man treats a dog, is the way he will treat his future wife? No? Nevermind, can’t rationalize for you Ponder/Rudolph/Sullivan …


Some advice though, for these relatively new to the Twin Cities kids; poppin’ off your shirt and showing your bod – though step 1 at Big Island – is easy for most of not us dudes, and thus isn’t key. It is all about step 2, and that is – of course – flaunting the beautiful baby you are with, who is in a barely there bikini, e.g., the above two links. When they realize this, this post, and their lives as professional athletes will become so much more relevant. Seen in either Decker or Humphries stock soar post girlfriend-in-a-bikini-at-Big-Island show off!


Minnesota Vikings Christian Ponder and John Sullivan on Lake Minnetonka in Twin Cities



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