Vikings Flaunt Their Benevolence

June 17, 2012 - 5:58 pm -

Christian Ponder at Rush Creek Golf Course in Maple Grove


The Minnesota Vikings held their annual Vikings Childrens Fund Golf Tournament on Wednesday at Rush Creek Golf Course in Maple Grove. Apparently the first two weeks in June is all about charity golf, as exampled with the Shaver one and Ponder earlier in the week. Nothing is more boring than watching golf, except when the golf is sub-par masked by pseudo celebrities … Add to that the fact that these bastards can’t do anything charitable without cameras around, and you have a grand old time! Oh laughable as well, Christian Ponder – above – was given an award at the event for being the VCF Rookie of the Year. Cheese and rice. Yea, we get the “prize money” with the award goes to a charity of his choosing, but still, rubs us the wrong way, like Icy Hot on the testicles. Something to keep in mind too, this all comes after they reverse Robin Hooded the taxpayers on Minnesota into buying them a stadium …


Anyway, we scrounged up a couple pictures – which was brutally boring enough – of Leslie Frazier talking to KFAN’s Dan Barriero, below and then Ponder up top, but if you are that curious for more, check out the Vikings website.


Leslie Frazier at Rush Creek Golf Course in Maple Grove

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