Kris Humphries Doing His Best Ricky Rubio

June 27, 2012 - 7:34 am -

Kris Humphries in Twin Cities


Well we have another baller running around the Twin Cities like he owns the place, and in this case, he sort of does. Local boy Kris Humphries did his best Ricky Rubio impression – and obviously we’re not talking on the court – visiting a lot of bars and gyms over the past week. Does Humphries realize though, that since he has been gone – we love Kelly Clarkson – Rubio has kind of taken over Minnesota?! Anyway, being from here an all, we figured Kris also deserved a roundup of his past weeks travels.


Also, for a quick background, you must know his ultimate reason for being here was to nefariously handle the divorce court hearings concerning his former ball and chain, Kim Kardashian. We don’t really know exactly how the stuff works, as we have never been divorced, cause we have never been stupid enough to get married. More or less though it involves each side and their lawyers making up things about the opposite party, none of which is probably true, cause they didn’t have enough time to get to know each other … We could rant on the nuances of marriage and bickering all night, but instead, we will focus on our bread and butter, celebrity sightings. So —


Last Monday the 18th, Humphries swung by his local beer hall Maynard’s in Excelsior, above and below, and enjoyed a meal on their lovely lakeside patio.


Kris Humphries in Minnesota


A week ago on Tuesday he was working out at the 43 Hoops Basketball Academy in Hopkins, below, where a Club 43 volleyball team mobbed him like piglets suckling the tits of their mother. Later that night he was at Redstone American Grill in Minnetonka, below-below.


Kris Humphries in Minnesota


Kris Humphries in the Twin Cities


Kris Humphries in the Twin Cities


Wednesday he was back at the Academy, and we got a bigfoot-esque picture of him running, below. Pretty funny, props to @MagcelTheShell for her stalking talents!


Kris Humphries in Minnesota


Thursday he was at Champps in Minnetonka.


Then he bailed Friday to an event at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut for a sponoship deal with Sector watches. We then got pictures of him leaving the NYC area – and here – for Tampa on Saturday …


He was back on Monday for his Judge Judy Night Court thing or whatever … Which we didn’t get any pictures of, our bad. We aren’t paid well enough to find all of the pictures kids! We take submissions ya know?!


And now it is Wednesday morning and we don’t know where he is …


There you have it, the roundup of Kris Humphries back at home in the Twin Cities over the last week-ish. Also of note, the Humpdashian duo was all over the Twin Cities during last years Fourth of July weekend, so we can assume Kris will be around again this year. With that in mind, keep it tuned here to TCS and we will keep you more updated than iTunes.

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