TCS Gets Cowboy Jack-ed Up for Kris Humphries

July 8, 2012 - 3:58 pm -

Kris Humphries Drinking at the Bar in the Twin Cities


Kris Humphries and his posse – including former Gopher sort of baller Dan Coleman – hit up Cowboy Jacks in downtown Minneapolis last night. The group had a big lounge area – couches and such – of the roof blocked off, which came fully equipped with bumbling bouncers surrounding them. We just so happened to be there as well, and attempted a few times to get some good candids of Kris laughing and having a good time, but the bouncers weren’t too receptive to this idea; to us or anyone. The pictures we did get are what is left after the following happened …


One of our guys – a fellow Gopher athlete himself to Mister Humphries, a 130 lbs 5’10” runner – went to snap some shots. On his first attempt, a girl next to him taking a picture as well – not affiliated with us – got a drink thrown at her face by the group. How sweet of them! Our guy managed to get some pictures and went to leave, when Humphries started to depart right behind him at about 130a. Our guy turns around, sniped a photo and was immediately jumped by the steroid ragin’ bouncer goons. Five to be exact. They smashed his face, put him in handcuffs, ripped up his shirt, threw him out and deleted the pictures. The interesting part, Kris actually looked somewhat concerned for our guy, as he was clearly not going to do anything. Unnecessary, unprovoked and excessive, Cowboy Jacks congratulations for being a group of sordid bastards.


It’s funny too, just when we think no bar can get douchier than Cowboy Slims in Uptown, Jacks comes along. And ironically we found out today they are owned by the same management group, where a lack of integrity and scruples is apparently key to their business model.


Anyway, these few pictures are what we have left after the carnage. Up top was Kris leaving the roof. Below he turned away from our flash, and below that Coleman blocked our shot and flashed us a “Mang, you serious?” face. To which we responded, “Yes, yes we are.” We aren’t the ones that married that vain pornstar Kim Kardashian for a few seconds …


Kris Humphries at Cowboy Jacks in Minnesota


Kris Humphries and Dan Coleman in Downtown Minneapolis

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