Ross Mathews Takes in Ketchup, Mustard and Target Field

September 16, 2012 - 9:13 pm -

Ross Mathews in Minnesota Celebrity Sightings TCStarlight


Of the people Target brought in for this years Fall National Sales Meeting on Thursday at Target CenterB.o.B, Nate Berkus, No Doubt, Rod Stewart – probably our favorite is the ever endearing Ross Mathews. Target had him emcee slash open the event again this year and we heard good things about his remarks slash monologue.


Now for those new to TCS, Ross and us have a sort of history. This time last year, he spent a good portion of time in the Twin Cities and we stalked followed his every move. A feat that he acknowledged and complimented on his Twitter. So we’re pretty tight is what we are saying.


Anyway, the night before his duties at Target Center, Ross stopped by Target Field to take in a Twins game; as well as a pile of ketchup and mustard. We wonder what Celebrity Fit Club would say about that … We kid! Where else are you suppose to scarf some wien slathered in condiments other than at a ball field!? And Ross still looks great, as seen in the happy go lucky picture these girls got with him.



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