Target Corp Gets Nate Boring Berkus

September 16, 2012 - 8:39 pm -

Nate Berkus in Minnesota Celebrity Sightings TCStarlight


Alongside B.o.B, Target brought in a handful of other uninteresting celebrities to their Fall National Sales Meeting Thursday at Target Center including Nate Berkus. Now we had never heard of Mr Berkus prior to this, and probabaly will never hear of him again after, but apparently he is some sort of designer. And also a TV host?! What could he do for a bunch of Target employees you ask? Apparently he has a line coming out in Target stores and gave a bunch of the stuff away to a unlucky Target employee …


Yeah, we don’t really get it … Like we mentioned in the B.o.B post, clearly Target hates their employees or they had a down year as far as financials …


Again last year, Target brought in the likes of theĀ adorable Willow Smith, who is better than this dude.

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