TCStarlight Culminates on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

September 19, 2012 - 12:35 pm -

Mike Box Elder on Jimmy Kimmel Live


Last night my little baby of a website TCStarlight – the one you are on right now – culminated in game show fashion on Jimmy Kimmel Live. That’s right, bright lights, big stage and network television. It was hella ironic and hella funny. Let me explain, shall I.


As you all know  – cause you read my Late Night TV Host Rankings post from the summer – I am a big fan of Jimmy Kimmel. As is such, I was in Los Angeles and ventured off to a taping of his show. I was excited to see my home boy candidly and behind the scenes doing what he does best. Little did I know I would be part of the nights entertainment.


Myself and my guest – Jamie, get at her, she is new to Twitter – were running late cause of those damn rush hour streets in Hollywood. As a result, we got there after our ‘priority’ seating had taken place and that meant we were at the end of the peon line for ‘general’ seating. I was soaking up the venue, and waiting patiently – at the end of the line – as we entered the auditorium when I was approached by a JKL producer.


The producer, Brandon, asked us if we knew anything about celebrities. I didn’t want to toot my own horn – “Yeah brodude, I run the TMZ of Minneapolis!” – but I made him aware that I had a little bit of knowledge on the subject matter. He liked me – obvs – and asked me to compete in a game show they were doing that night called “Name That Emmy Nominee w/ Yehya”. If you haven’t seen Yehya – though he is no Guillermo – he is a pretty goofy and genial old man that Jimmy met some years ago outside of a movie theater. Jimmy liked him so much that he brings him on the show from time to time to tape little bits like this.


Fun fact, Yehya actually talked my ear off backstage – while I sipped the Mountain Dew I requested like a true diva – which I found amusing and helped to make up for the fact that I was missing Jimmy’s monologue … Also props to my competition Arielle, she was a sweetheart.


Immediately following the monologue, and with me standing behind a curtain blindfolded, the game started – watch the clips via Kimmel’s awesome YouTube channel below – and I think I actually did pretty good.




Also, to add to the nights irony was the fact that following my entertaining time on stage was a guest interview. The guest of course had to be How I Met Your Mother‘s Josh Radnor. A guy whom I previously called out for never being seen anywhere other than on HIMYM. Boy, he sure stuck it to me! Although, he was more there to promote his new movie Liberal Arts and Jimmy extended our hilarious segment while shortening his. So I consider this to actually be a draw …


‘Twas a fun night, and quite an experience. All my TCS stalking / writing sessions have clearly paid off. Keep that in mind kids when choosing a profession, stalking celebrities does pay its dividends! Though, I am still reeling from not knowing my hero Ryan Seacrest …

Mike ‘Box’ Elder loves pigs in a blanket and hasn’t had them for quite some time … Follow his semi-good jokes on Twitter @mikeboxelder.


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