Domesticated Ponder Craft Shopping on Black Friday

November 24, 2012 - 3:47 pm -

Vikings Christian Ponder in Twin Cities Celebrity Sightings

UPDATE 12/04/12 – 5:00p; The mystery behind the garland has been solved! Ponder made this purchase in order to uniquely propose to his girlfriend Samantha Steele

Only a few weeks after I facetiously mocked Michael’s Black Friday deals on Twitter, this happens … Yesterday Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder was spotted leaving Michael’s arts and craft store in Eden Prairie. Apparently even for a millionaire, the Black Friday deals were too good to miss. Now is this is a result of a new domesticated lifestyle with girlfriend Samantha Steele or did CP7 just really need to stock up on his seasonal garland?! One can only assume, but no matter what, we must say nothing emasculates a professional football player quite¬†like pushing a cart out of Michael’s, and with no females in sight …


Side note, Daniel Tosh is currently in the Twin Cities, and we imagine he would of loved to join CP7 in his running of errands.

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