TCS Weekly #12 w/ Box and Calvin

December 16, 2012 - 8:19 pm -

TCStarlight Podcast Minneapolis Celebrity Sightings


Tonight’s TCS Weekly #12 finds host Box joined by newb guest Calvin. Topics include Box’ trip back to Minnesota – and solving the children on flights problem – lemons in water, Ricky Rubio, Ricky Rubio, Ricky Rubio, Ricky’s new cat and Christian Ponder’s different lifestyle. As always, share your thoughts on the topics discussed in the comments below and be sure to subscribe in iTunes!


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The TCS Weekly Rundown —
– Box bitches about the assumption now that people want “lemon” in their water.
– Box’ solution to babies on airplanes; family only flights at 9a.
– Box’ trip back to Minnesota, and how are party buses legal?
– #bobsfuneral
– Ricky Rubio’s back, and with a new cat.
– Box pleads with Ricky Rubio, if and when he commits to one lucky female – or male – to let us at TCS know first!
– The Wolves annual orphan “charity”, and the moronic / superficial nature of it, as well as its comparison to the Hunger Games.
Keenan Cahill in Minnesota, he Tweets us and we adulate / congratulate.
– We applaud Rubio’s classic Christmas tree.
– Weirdo Christian Ponder; in the Pourhouse, candy shopping spree with the future Mrs and backstage at Myth w/ Jake Owen.
– A lack of new Christmas songs.
– The TCS week ahead; Kenny Rogers, OK City Thunder, Kevin Hart and more.

Mike ‘Box’ Elder is the editor dude for TCStarlight.com. He loves snow and shralping some gnar. Follow his jokes on Twitter @mikeboxelder.


Calvin is a TCStarlight podcast personality. He likes girls and Mormons. Follow his comedic stylings on Twitter @CalvinDittmore.

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