Christian Ponder and Samantha Steele Tie the Knot, in Court

December 19, 2012 - 10:19 am -

Christian Ponder and Samantha Steele in Twin Cities Celebrity Sightings


I have taken my fair share of jabs at Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder and lady friend ESPN reporter Samantha Steele. As I have said previously though, these two make it easy. And as is such – in the light of reports the two got “married” in a Hudson Wisconsin courthouse on Monday evening – I am lazy going to let my dearest mother, affectionately known as “Boxs’ Mom”, take this one. Enjoy!


Is TCS good or what?! Earlier this week they reported that Christian Ponder and then fiance Samantha Steele were out shopping at a Victoria’s – humana humana – Secret. At the time, they speculated that they were obviously expecting to do the deed. Thus bringing into question his celibate status. Well folks in this season of hope and love it has now been reported that Christian and Samantha said their “I do”s so they could later say “I did”, have sex that is. Of course running to the courthouse seems a little desperate but sources – the law – tell me it still counts … Whether or not the union will last remains to be seen, but for now it’s hats off, or shall we say pants off, to the happy couple …


Questions still unanswered … Was this event planned or spontaneous? I’m talking about the marriage, you freaks. Who was at the happy event? Again, the marriage not the consummation.  And finally, did he or did he not wear his favorite grubby TC hat when he took his vows? All kidding aside please join me in wishing the happy couple a long and lasting union … Pun intended.


-Boxs’ Mom


Pretty easy, right? Nothing says classy like a courthouse, and on a Monday … So to be clear, it would appear as though the couple may have indeed been rushing into this marriage for sexual reasons, and that the Victoria Secret visit was for honeymoon purposes … Also, if you flashback to Black Friday, we spotted Ponder buying garland, that was eventually used in his proposal, showing how good we are at unknowingly stumbling into milestones in this couples relationship!


Side note, we got the two pictured above out to dinner Tuesday night in Minnesota, the first photo of the – now – married couple! Ironic then that CP7 appears to be getting chastised – look at that stern look on Ms Steele’s face – and has buried himself in his phone …. Oh, marriage!

What are your thoughts on the courthouse marriage? Silly? Rushed? Preggo alert? Lame? Answer the poll questions and share your thoughts in the comments below!


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