Chinese Food + Ricky Rubio + Cheesy Graphic T = Back Spasm Remedy

January 6, 2013 - 6:26 pm -

Wolves Ricky Rubio in Minneapolis Celebrity Sightings


Instead of traveling with his basketball team to Utah and Denver this week, the Timberwolves injury riddled point guard Ricky Rubio had a lovely Chinese meal at P.F. Chang’s in Southdale on Wednesday. You would think that since he was staying home due to an injury, he would be resting and massaging those back spasms – or whatever the treatment is for that BS injury – and not cramming some Kung Pao chicken down his word hole. Is that meal even close to trainer-diet approved? At least RR rocked a super lame child’s comical graphic tee …


Side note, what is with our pussy ass sports stars lately?! (See also, Christian Ponder not playing in the biggest game of his life.)


Second side note, another fan picture here.

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