Minnesota’s Paige Vigil Talks Competing on The Bachelor Season 17

January 9, 2013 - 11:25 am -

Minnesota's Paige Vigil Interview w/ TCStarlight


Already home to the world’s most mysterious music superstar (Prince), most famous Wizard of Oz character (Judy Garland), and most studly running back (Adrian Peterson), Minnesota can now add “World’s Most Unsuccessful Bachelor Franchise Contestant” to that list.


Paige Vigil, a former Jumbotron Operator (see below), was one of the 26 beauties introduced to Sean ‘Ken Doll’ Lowe on this past Monday’s season 17 premier of ABC’s The Bachelor. While ultimately Sean did not give her a rose, Ms. Paige kindly agreed to rap with TCS podcast personality Zombie Will in which we found her to be a true class act and great representative of our fine state.


Read below as Paige laughs off her lack of success with The Bachelor franchise, kindly pardons the skanky Ashley P. for interrupting her one-on-one time with Sean, and speculates on how she might handle an invitation to the (in)famous Fantasy Suite!


ZW: We know you have Minnesota ties. Were you raised here? You listed NYC as your current residence on the show, but your Twitter says Minneapolis; where do you currently call home?
PV: “I was raised partially in Minnesota, partially in Michigan. I also lived in New York for about a 1.5 years total. While in NYC, I controlled Viacom’s DOOH network. I left NYC upon being asked to do the Bachelor Pad 3 and came back to Minneapolis, which is where I am now.”


Silly us didn’t realize you had previous experience with The Bachelor franchise until Monday’s episode, could you share with us what those experiences were and what happened?
“Typically, bachelors/bachelorettes start out on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette & move to The Bachelor Pad. I did it backwards. I was cast on the Bachelor Pad 3 this past summer. This was the first time that the Bachelor Pad allowed “Super Fans” to come into the Bachelor mansion and compete alongside alumni, which is where I came in. It was a really fun experience, but I got the boot early. I was the first one to leave on The Bachelor Pad 3, but had a pretty big target on my back going in as a Super Fan. When I heard Sean was the Bachelor, I really wanted to go back and give it a second shot because he is such a genuine soul. That didn’t end up working out either & I left the first episode again. I am the only person to be on both the Bachelor Pad & The Bachelor and NEVER receive a rose. I guess you really do have to laugh at yourself sometimes! I still wouldn’t go back and do anything differently, I made great friends and great memories.”


Jumbotron Operator!?!? Please explain.
“I was a Jumbotron Operator – I controlled the digital-out-of-home network in Times Square for MTV. Now, I am the General Manager of a mobile app development company here in Minneapolis called, Appmosphere. I majored in journalism/communications at the University of MN & really just hit the jackpot with my career through preparation and hard work!”


Who were you hoping would be The Bachelor? Were you aware going in that it would be Sean?
“I was hoping the Bachelor would be Sean. I think he is genuinely looking for love and I hope he finds it!”


Drinking. It happens a lot on the first night. What kind of drinks are offered? Open bar? Do producers push alcohol onto the cast members or do those that indulge do so on their own? What were girls like Ashley P. (slutty drunk) and Lindsay (sloppy drunk) sippin’ on all night that got them so blasted?
“I can’t divulge any behind the scenes information like that, sorry! But we’re all adults & know what we’re getting ourselves into.”


Hey, we tried … It looked like the Fifty Shades of – Drunk – Grey girl (Ashley P.) really cut in on your one-on-one chat with Sean. Was she as intrusive as it seemed? How far into your conversation did she party bomb it? What did you think of her actions?
“The fact that Ashley P. cut in was a little bit of a nuisance at the time, but really many people’s conversations get cut short, so I couldn’t be that bent out of shape about it!”


As an experienced Bachelor franchise participant, you had to know there would be a twist going into that first night. What was the collective reaction by the girls when Kacie B. strolled in? (We personally find her annoying, ha.)
“Everyone was very receptive to Kacie coming! I know I looked pissed upon seeing her, but it really wasn’t like that at all. She was so kind-hearted and genuine that it would have been hard to be upset at her arrival. I am rooting for her & hope she makes it far!”


Ok, we have to ask. Fantasy Suite. If you made it that far would you do it? Even knowing two other girls will likely do the same within days of you? (Full disclosure, if rolls were reversed we most definitely would.)
“Fantasy Suite? Meh, I don’t know…honestly, I’d just follow my heart. However, it would be nice to get some alone time without cameras in your face!”


So what’s next? Where do you go from here? Is this it for you with The Bachelor franchise?
“Am I done with the Bachelor franchise? Never say never I guess. I had a very different experience on both shows. There’s $250,000 on the line during Bachelor Pad, so that’d be pretty hard opportunity to turn down! Plus, the chance to FINALLY get a rose, of course!”


Finally, now that you’re back to being one of us (a Minneapolis resident) and since we at TCS are all about celebrity sightings, where are your favorite hot spots in Twin Cities?
“Back in Minneapolis, I try to visit a plethora of places instead of just frequenting one place. However, some of my favorites right now are McCoys and Marvel. I am typically in NE & Uptown areas. Don’t by shy to come say hi!”


See what we mean? All class! Here’s hoping Paige can find some love herself now in the Twin Cities. Check her out on Twitter at @PaigeVigil. Also, we at TCS are BIG fans of The Bachelor (who isn’t?!) so be on on the look out for more Bachelor content on TCS as season 17 progresses!

Zombie is – normally – a TCStarlight podcast personality. This is his first official post. He loves when women fight over him. Follow his live Tweets during The Bachelor on Twitter @ZombieWill.


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