The Funniest YouTube Video of 2013, So Far

January 9, 2013 - 10:23 pm -

TCStarlight's Funniest Video of 2013, So Far


We are only nine days into 2013, and it seems like we – and over 1 M other people – may have found the funniest video of the year already. YouTube user MagicofRahat – a self proclaimed “magician prankster” – has almost 100 videos posted to YouTube and a lot of them varieties of pranks on unsuspecting drive thru workers. None more interesting than his latest, posted on YouTube only yesterday entitled Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank. In the video Rahat – we sure hope that is his name and we aren’t being offensive – has created a car seat costume which serves to create an illusion that as the car movies no one – and/or a ghost – is driving the vehicle. The employees at the fast food restaurants where he “tests” his costume are consequently left dumbfounded and confused …



“Instagram that joint!”


I have now watched this video about ten times, and laugh more each time. The reactions, not only hilarious, clearly portray these people at their mundane job desperately looking for any semblance of variety in their day to day lives. When they get this variety, in the form of a self driving car, whether out of fear or confusion, they are besides themselves. The resulting reactions – immature ditzy blonde chick “What … the … heck … is … going on?”, chubby wide eyed black girl “Really!?” – are honest and that is why it is funny. There is comedy in truth.


Our favorite reaction though is without a doubt the guy at 2:36. Clearly stoned, one must assume the skinny kid is only getting higher and higher with each double take …


My last thought, Rahat clearly did this prank a lot, and thus made minimal orders each run. At one point it is revealed he was simply ordering a brownie, which leaves me wondering how many brownies did he actually end up purchasing!? If it was a lot, maybe the McDonalds corporation ends up with the last laugh in this “prank” … Either way, I think we may have found the funniest video on YouTube of 2013 … So far.


What do you think? Is this the funniest video of 2013? Or is this a dangerous and stupid idea? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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