Goldy Gopher Wins Second Natty Champ in Three Years

January 18, 2013 - 6:45 pm -

Goldy Gopher With Trophy After Winning 2013 UCA Mascot National Championship

UPDATE 1/21 7:30p — For inquiring minds, the University of Minnesota Dance Team won two more national championships in the jazz and pom divisions – watch their insane jazz routine here – making that a ridiculous fourth year in a row they accomplished this feat! The All Girl cheer team placed second, their best finish in the five years they have a been a University team, and the Coed cheer team put up a DNQ. Ultimately an incredible weekend for the Gopher spirit squads, and we should all give it up for these hard working student athletes!

Goldy Gopher – the esteemed and hilarious mascot for the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers – has just won the 2013 UCA Mascot National Championship at Disney World in Orlando. This is the second championship for Goldy in three years, winning in 2011 and falling to fifth in 2012. Goldy has consistently been at the top of the mascot world, never finishing below fifth since 2000, only one of two mascots to do this.


To compete at Mascot Nationals, Universities’ mascot programs submit highlight tapes – Goldy’s 2013 submission below – in the Fall to be judged, with the 10 highest scoring Division-I schools being invited to participate at Disney World on MLK Day weekend. Goldy’s video placed second, a score that carries over to Orlando. Once in Florida, each mascot performs a 90 second skit – pop culture, props and punchlines – judged on categories including creativity, crowd appeal and overall impression. Skits usually have a theme, of which Goldy went with ‘Mission Impossible’ this year, video below. Alongside Goldy from the Big 10 competing were Bucky Badger (Wisconsin), Brutus Buckeye (Ohio State), Herky Hawk (Iowa) and Sparty (Michigan State); quite a testament to the B1G to have half the representatives in the competition.


Goldy’s skit was good enough in the judges’ eyes to propel him to first. Aubie the Tiger from Auburn – a seven time national champion – who was ranked first after the highlight video finished in second. Bucky Badger – after having the highest scoring skit – placed third in his best finish to date. Sparty, Brutus and Herky finished in sixth, seventh and eighth respectively. Full mascot results can be found here. In a tweet¬†after the win, Goldy proclaimed “Bringing a Mascot Nationals trophy back to Minnesota!!!!” and followed it up with “Thanks to TCStarlight for the awesome article” as – for whatever reason – we are still the only ones to report on this kick ass accomplishment!?


The University of Minnesota Dance Team is set to defend their back to back to back national championships in the coming days and the all girl cheer team will be seeking their first as well.


Side note, this proves that even though Minnesota constantly let’s down in sports and the people running said sports don’t seem to care or appreciate it, we will always have the best mascot on the sidelines to make us laugh! Also, we’re excited to see what Goldy’s ring will look like …





What do you think of this win for Goldy Gopher? Well deserved? Good for the University? Who cares it’s a mascot? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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