Saturday Night Live Again Visits Shakopee, Mocks Tony Fly

January 20, 2013 - 7:21 pm -

Saturday Night Live Makes Fun of


In what we believe is the second time – the first being with Lindsay Lohan last March – Saturday Night Live swung into Shakopee last night with their “B-108 Morning Show” sketch. Basically, two ghetto white dudes – one in a Kevin Love jersey – host the super early radio morning show on hip hop channel B-108. In an attempt to stay awake, they keep up their energy by being overly enthused and jacked up about random things, i.e. flu shots. Host Jennifer Lawrence joined them as the rapping intern, who doesn’t exactly spit rhymes …



This video is funny for a number of reasons. 1) It reminds us of Tony Fly – when he had a Minnesota morning show, bazinga! – as he was clearly out of place in the hip hop realm. You wonder if one of the SNL writers happened to hear him once and it inspired this sketch … but we doubt it, no one listened to his program and hence he got canned. 2) Also it’s funny because this is genuinely what people think Minnesota is, cold weather, strange people and that’s it. We’re secretly okay with that though, let Minneapolis continue to be an unflustered hidden gem. 3) A rapping intern that doesn’t rhyme, even though she is sooo close, is absolutely genius.


As far as how Lawrence did hosting, she was very charming and kicked ass at her lines, but the writers didn’t do their part. The shows content was flat, leading off with the dry Girlfriends sketch that never really got the show off the ground. A disappointment, as most people including myself were excited for the young Oscar nominee to host and since before the break – with Jamie Foxx and Martin Short hosting – the writers couldn’t do any wrong. Hopefully this is just a bump in the season 38 road.

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