General Mills Compromises Values While Nelly Sells Out

February 22, 2013 - 5:53 pm -

Nelly in Minnesota Celebrity Sightings


Well as we reported yesterday, rapper Nelly was in the Twin Cities this week to put the finishing touches on a deal with General Mills, and now we have a picture of him at their corporate offices on Wednesday. (If you are curious who is in the picture, that is actually Carla who makes many of the fine General Mills cereals you have come to know and love!) We can also confirm that while in Minneapolis, Nelly partook in a meal at Manny’s Steakhouse on Tuesday night alongside Ali; a member of Nelly’s original rap group the St Lunatics.


We must point out, for a wholesome and family oriented Fortune 500 company, GM is pretty lax on who it pays to represent their brand … Previously they brought in convicted felon Martha Stewart to speak to their employees, which at the time we thought was a unique business plan. And then there is Nelly, who’s brand new single about a “Porsche” is one giant euphemism about getting laid. Not that we really eff-ing care though, we’ll have our Cheerios with a side of “Pimp Juice” every morning, but a lot of families won’t and we just wanted to call it to your attention. Ultimately Nelly – the creator of the energy drink Pimp Juice, another misogynistic sexual euphemism – and the deal give a whole new meaning and perspective to Honey Nut Cheerio’s mascot “Buzz” …


Side note, we don’t think anyone can disagree that being a rapper and signing a cereal deal is a sell out move. That said, one could argue if this is the first time in his career that Nelly has sold out. What do you think?


When did Nelly sell out?

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