Nerdist Chris Hardwick and Viking Chris Kluwe Praise Mpls

February 22, 2013 - 10:58 pm -

Chris Gardwick Nerdist Praises Twin Cities


Our beloved Minnesota Vikings punter – and outspoken nerd / gamer – Chris Kluwe swung by a very popular podcast earlier this month in Los Angeles. That podcast was none other than the Nerdist; comedian Chris Hardwick’s brain trust turned empire focusing on all things nerd. The episode (#323) was just posted Wednesday and in it, squeezed between science fiction and gaming, the gang – including Jonah Ray and Matt Mira – threw out some praise for Minnesota’s biggest city. Have a listen via my YouTube channel below …



Hardwick leads it off with the simple compliment “I fucking love Minneapolis” after which the group laughs and begins to pile on. Kluwe speaks of his initial skepticism when first playing here, which quickly turned to an affinity for the Twin Cities. Specific mention is made to “a lot of Target”, “arts”, “Acme Comedy Co” and the “Habitrail culture” or more commonly known as our skyway system. All of them agree however that the Minnesota winter is just too brutal and that is why they all maintain residence in the sunny Southern California area.


The gushing doesn’t last too long before they go off a Star Wars tangent … Nonetheless admiration of where we call home is always fun to hear, especially on a national level!


Side note, remember when Chris Hardwick hosted MTV’s Singled Out?! What a great television program! It basically crammed a whole season of The Bachelor into a single 30 minute episode and ultimately was out way before its time. Hardwick was just delightful on it; and Jenny McCarthy wasn’t bad either …

What do you think about the Nerdist podcast’s thoughts on Minneapolis? Agree? Appreciated? Was Singled Out ahead of its time? Let us know in the comments below!

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