Feeling Down? Hakuna Matata Advises Ricky Rubio

March 1, 2013 - 11:24 am -

Wolves Ricky Rubio Happy Smiles


Maybe you had a long week, maybe you have a long day ahead. It’s cold out. My boyfriend doesn’t listen to me. Whatever you are struggling with this Friday morning, take a little advice from Ricky Rubio, “Be happy!”.


The embattled Minnesota Timberwolves played the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center last night, a game in which they never led, and they were never even close. A usual place for the Wolves when they play Minnesota’s former team; the Lakers haven’t lost to the T-pups since March 6, 2007. During the game, backup point guard Alexey Shved was feeling a little dejected – rightfully so – when Rubio offered him this sage advice …



Hakuna matata folks, he is not like anybody else!


But seriously, we can be tough on RR here at TCS, but this just makes us so merry. We love when athletes step away from themselves and realize they are playing a children’s game professionally. When they can take themselves a little less than serious. Good for you Ricky, and hopefully Alexey listened.


Have a lovely Friday everyone, and a cheerful March!

What do you think about Ricky’s advice? How did that make you feel? Let us know in the comments below!

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