Shirtless Rubio Unknowingly Pimps Uptown Apartments (VIDEO)

March 13, 2013 - 11:09 am -

Wolves Ricky Rubio Topless ln Uptown Minneapolis Celebrity Sightings


That trendy Ricky Rubio cat gets around. We have said it many a times before. The kid is literally everywhere. And as a result, this includes advertisements for local small businesses. The Timberwolves point guard is now unknowingly working for the Uptown apartments Flux.


Let us explain. Flux is a new inexpensive apartment for the trust fund douchers kids of Uptown. In order to rent their units, they put together a little highlight video – backed by a sweet techno jam – of the modern interior, hip exterior and all the yuppies hanging out by the pool on their website. In the short, also happens to be a non-resident and shirtless Ricky Rubio. Check the promo – Ricky @ 1:24 – via YouTube below …



Now RR has a penchant for Uptown, and we assume this video – posted in February – was filmed last Summer. We doubt the people at Flux even know the gem they have – 89 views when we posted it – here; ladies love RR, and a topless one is an even bigger deal! If we had a product to sell, a naked Rubio would be our first choice for an endorsement deal (A nude Kate Upton probably a close second; she is so hot right now). To be honest, we are shocked Ricky would let them interrupt his volleyball game to film this, but bravo.


Oh and you’re welcome Flux for pointing it out! We accept random swag as payment and/or a free weekend to use the penthouse. Your call.


Side note, how about that blue hair chillin’ by the pool behind Ricky? That dude is – confidently – living the dream / throwing out the vibe. RR doesn’t seem to be taking the bait though.

What do you think about the video of Ricky Rubio shirtless and his ability to be everywhere? Funny? Random? Let us know in the comments below!

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