P!nk vs Rihanna at Xcel; Battle of the Pop Star Stomachs

April 1, 2013 - 12:35 pm -

Who has better abs Pink or Rihanna?


In the past few weeks two big time pop stars’ tours traveled through the Twin Cities by way of Xcel Energy Center. Rihanna‘s Diamond World tour on the 24th and P!nk‘s The Truth About Love tour on the 19th. When each were here we gushed about both sets of abs on the two very attractive ladies. We haven’t been able to shake our thoughts / feelings on them though, and we wanted to ask you all – our loyal reader – your opinion on the divas’ stomachs. Simply put, who has the better mid-section? Vote in the below poll and share your comments!


Better stomach?

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Side note, for those keeping track at home, Kid Rock and Maroon 5 were also at Xcel in March, but neither Rock or Adam Levine showed off their washboard abs … Otherwise we would have included them!

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