SOURCES; Norwood Teague Selects New Gopher Hoops Coach

April 1, 2013 - 10:29 am -

Minnesota Golden Gophers Hoops Coach Selection


It looks like University of Minnesota athletic director Norwood Teague had a busy weekend, as our sources in the athletic department are confirming to us this morning that he has in fact selected the next Gopher basketball coach and a presser is set for 1p. Who you ask did they decide upon? Flip Saunders? Buzz Williams? Andy Enflield? The answer may shock you … APRIL FOOLS BITCHES! Yeah, just like most of the Twin Cities hack journalists we have no idea who the next coach is going to be. Sorry to disappoint, but not that sorry.


Side note, don’t be so worried about the coaching vacancy kids! Instead, enjoy the spring weather and the conclusion of the tournament, aka good basketball. Come next fall we can worry about the new Gophers coach (who is going to suck if it is anybody but Flip Saunders damn it) and the inevitable disappointing season. Also, we talked about the coaching vacancy on last night’s TCS Weekly podcast if you really need your fix, or you can read any of the related content below!

What are your thoughts on this lengthy search for a new Gopher basketball coach? Who do you want it to be? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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