U of Minny Makes Comedy Central’s Daily Show (VIDEO)

April 16, 2013 - 8:26 pm -

Minnesota Golden Gophers on Comedy Central


This is it, the Twin Cities have finally made it! The University of Minnesota, our beloved educational institution was featured on Comedy Central’s beloved entertainment institution The Daily Show last Thursday. The piece was focused on the evil wonderful NCAA -the collegiate athletics governing body – and how they profit greatly off of look out for athletes. The University tie was that the reporter Aasif Mandvi interviewed Minnesota wrestler Joel Bauman, who just recently lost his eligibility for writing and producing – misogynistic and homophobic uplifting and encouraging – songs he penned and is selling under his name. The reason he was ruled ineligible in plain and simple terms, the NCAA owns his name … Yeah, you read that right. The whole process is ridiculous, so enjoy the video, in all its sarcastic glory —



And in case you were wondering, Bauman’s song that started all this nonsense is entitled “Ones In The Sky” and can be found below via his YouTube channel —



So in layman’s terms – rather than the rule-book / bylaw / jargon they hide behind – the NCAA is a joke and the guys behind the scenes are all bastards. Hopefully it is only a matter of time before schools like our beloved U of MN step away for a second and unite against this hypocrite monopoly the NCAA has on collegiate athletics … Hopefully.


Side note, too bad this Daily Show feature wasn’t about how wonderful our campus and/or city is/are … Next time!

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