The Wild in the NHL Playoffs, Get Jacked! (VIDEO)

April 30, 2013 - 4:07 pm -

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Knowing that the NHL playoffs start tonight, and knowing that our Minnesota Wild snuck like ninjas into said playoffs, we figured we should post something about it … That being said, that is all we know, ’cause we sure as hell don’t know the NHL.


So instead of making uninformed comments like where is Marion Gaborik, or making snarky comments about how the Wild can’t score goals – specifically outside the top line – but they sure can give them up, or incendiary comments like Ryan Suter is paid too much, we thought we would just post this little short, intense diddy of a highlight video to get you pumped for tonight’s playoff action! It features our boys in spruce green sweaters a few times …



Now if that doesn’t get you all jacked up for a some puck tonight, you probably aren’t a hockey fan or you don’t live in the “state of hockey” or you are just like us and not all that interested … If it did get you jacked up, sweet, we are glad we could help!


In an unrelated note, is anyone looking to write commentary on the Wild’s 2013 playoffs? Hit us up.

What do you think about the Minnesota Wild making the NHL playoffs? What hope do you give them? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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