He Gone! Chris Kluwe’s Modest Minnesota House for Sale (EXCLUSIVE)

May 21, 2013 - 7:00 pm -

Former Vikings Chris Kluwe's Twin Cities Home for Sale

UPDATE 7:27p – According to Mister Christopher Kluwe himself on Twitter, the timing of this sale – and us subsequently finding it – is nothing more than coincidence, as he has been trying to unload this place from his real estate portfolio for a few years … Hmm.

Welcome folks to TCS’ real estate corner! Where we report on the latest buys / sells in the Minnesota celebrity real estate game. We did this once before – with former Viking Percy Harvin – and since that was so well received, we figured why not do it again!? It was like our first foray in coitus, but we digress.


Chris Kluwe, you little minx you! The outspoken professional football player was cut by the Minnesota Vikings 15 days ago, and only just recently – over the weekend – was picked up by the Oakland Raiders. When do you suppose then he put his Twin Cities suburbia house on the market? The correct answer is 14 days ago … That’s right, when Kluwe is gone, he gone quick! Presumably, when the Vikings drafted UCLA punter Jeff Locke, Kluwe knew his days with the team were numbered and got the ball rolling. Still though, we can’t help but think that that move seems kind of presumptuous on his part.


Remember too, Kluwe was just recently on the Nerdist – a very popular national podcast – where he affirmed his fondness for the Twin Cities (after his initial skepticism, of course). He has also been an activist, a 93x morning show regular, a local musician and at times, a face for the community. So when we heard the news about his ousting, we were curious if Kluwe would keep his modest residence in the state, and maybe stick around for a little bit … ?! Well now we know the answer to that, and it is no, no he won’t. Kluwe is essentially saying – in the words of the proverbial Chris Brown – “deuces” to Minnesota.


Now to the property! The house is located in Savage – the south suburbs where most Vikings players call home – and comes in at an unassuming 2,207 square feet, with 4 bedrooms and 3 baths. The yard is huge – like practice your punting huge – and the lot is nearly a half acre. Nothing particularly overwhelming about this beautiful and modern house, but there is a 27×27 foot amusement room. From all the pictures we got – via Northstar MLS – we actually really dig what he has done with the interior of the place. Also, check out the family room television, where they have the Vikings on; you clever little real estate agents you! The list price is a light $299,000. Kluwe and his wife Maria bought the home in April 2006 from a foreclosure auction for $285,000, so they are hoping to make a nominal amount as far as financials go. You would think just branding it as a “celebrity home” though would garnish more than that, but what do we know.


If you are wondering if this is Kluwe’s second home, yes of course it is. Property records show his main house is a 3,700 square foot beauty in Huntington Beach, California – near the ocean and on a golf course – which he bought in August 2010 for $1.65 million. Oh the life of an NFL punter! And to think, you couldn’t pay anyone in high school to play this position …


Seller: Chris Kluwe
Location: Savage, MN
Price: $299,000
Size: 2,207 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms

What do you think about Kluwe’s – former – modest second home? What are your thoughts on him not sticking around the Twin Cities? And how about that move by the Vikings to cut him? Let us know in the comments below!

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