Goodbye Tubby, Former Gopher Coach Selling Minneapolis Townhouse (EXCLUSIVE)

May 28, 2013 - 2:34 pm -

Tubby Smith's House for Sale in Minneapolis Minnesota

UPDATE; August — Tubby’s place sold in late July for $1,425,000, less than his asking price, but more than he paid for it back in 2007.

We’re getting good at this Twin Cities celebrity real estate game, and with that said, welcome to the latest installment! … While y’all were getting drunk and enjoying barbeques this Memorial Day weekend – like us – Tubby Smith‘s real estate agent was hard at work prepping to sell his client’s Minneapolis townhome, which hit the market Monday.


The former Gophers basketball coach was ousted by the University of Minnesota just over two months ago and was quickly snatched up by Texas Tech. Now that the dust has settled from the season and the subsequent job search, we figure ole man Tubby must want to take care of some small loose ends; like say selling his palatial townhome in a city in which he probably never plans to visit again.


And to get an idea of what we are dealing with here, let’s just say the house has four fireplaces and an elevator …


We always sort of got that stuffy and closed off vibe from Tubby, and it would seem his Minnesota digs sure emphasize that. Take fellow Gopher coach Jerry Kill, his relatively modest Minneapolis crib in comparison comes in at about half the size, 2,150 square feet. Maybe this isn’t a fair analogy, as Tubby has been around the block a lot longer and has a wider checkbook, but it is worth noting.


We are just imagining following a Gopher basketball game – a loss more than likely – fans and players leave Williams Arena all disappointed and distraught. Meanwhile Tubby goes home unphased and buries himself in many leather-bound books … Just not what you hope for out of your coach, who is supposed to instill life lessons and sportsmanship to impressionable college athletes.


Now how about this fancy-dancy property! The unit is a massive 4,275 square feet with 3 floors, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a 2 car garage to boot. As with every townhome, there is a couple shared walls in this unit, which is sort of disappointing. The Smiths upgraded numerous things, including a remodeled kitchen, a master bath, a dressing room and added a Sonos sound system. The listing also notes “Some furniture, piano and TV’s negotiable. Pls exclude dining light fixture” … Apparently Tubby is willing to part ways with some of the furnishings, but don’t you think about touching that damn fixture! The place has multiple decks / balconies / porches and for some reason, the listing doesn’t hype up – or even show – the amazing views of the downtown Minneapolis skyline – and the Mississippi River – that we know this unit has …


This home would appear elegant to many, but based off the good number of pictures we got, to us it just seems so haughty. Maybe it’s a generational thing, but we much prefer modern interiors as opposed to this, whatever you would call it; Victorian maybe. Let’s also point out the 22’x18′ amusement room. We notice a lot of sports paraphernalia covering the walls which we are more than intrigued by … Unfortunately though, the only item we can make out is an encased Ole Miss jersey on the end, which is his son Brian’s, from his time playing point guard there.


Oh and fun fact, this is in the same complex / neighborhood that former athletic director Joel Maturi lives.


The selling price for this place comes in at $1.5 M, a decently big number for Minneapolis. Tubby – or as property records know him, Orlando – bought the house with his wife Donna Smith in July 2007 for $1.35 M. So it seems he is trying to milk Minnesota for even more money than that $2.5 M buyout we gave him. Bazinga! With all the improvements he apparently made though, it probably is worth the price increase.


Now if you are thinking you – and some friends – could somehow scrounge up the cash to buy this place, don’t forget as with any condo there are association fees, and in this case they are $617/month. Yeah, more than what rent is in most places around campus and Dinkytown. And everyone wonders why student athletes can’t get paid, it is because all of the monies go to the dispensable head coaches!


Seller: Orlando ‘Tubby’ & Donna Smith
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Price: $1,500,000
Size: 4,275 sq ft, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms

What do you think about Tubby’s former Minneapolis crib? Stuffy or elegant? Place your thoughts in the comments below!

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