Christian and Sam Steele Ponder Shorted at Winter Park

June 2, 2013 - 9:11 pm -

Christian Ponder and Sam Steele Ponder Together in Twin Cities Celebrity Sightings


Saturday at Winter Park was – Minnesota Vikings head coach – Leslie Frazier‘s annual football camp. The camp focuses on football, faith and family, obviously. In attendance were many players, but notably – or rather all we care about – quarterback Christian Ponder and his wifey Sam Steele Ponder. The two shared a moment during the event in the picture above where CP7 is seen rockin’ a Minnesota Twins hat and another nice pair of loafers. And who wears short shorts? Mrs Ponder wears short shorts! Oh how we love summer … Also, kind of cute how ginormous that football is compared to Sam.


Side note, we have been hard on these two in the past, but they really have become our favorite Minnesota athlete / hot chick couple … We would even argue they deserve a reality show on E! more so than that other-couple-we-aren’t-going-to-mention-by-name-because-they-are-too-sensitive-to-be-discussed.

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