TCS Weekly #30.2 w/ Box and Bobcat

June 3, 2013 - 11:10 pm -

TCStarlight Podcast Minneapolis Celebrity Sightings


Monday y’all! Box is joined this week by special guest Bobcat. Topics include a rant on faucets, Christian and Sam Steele Ponder being the it couple, Jared Allen in the outskirts of Minnesota and more! As always, leave your thoughts on topics discussed in the comments below and be sure to subscribe in iTunes.


Note; Bobcat’s sound quality wasn’t the best – what is this, amateur hour? – so Tweet him your frustrations!


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The TCS Weekly Rundown —
– Box rants faucets.
– The Los Angeles mayoral race.
Zombie’s Gopher Update
Kris Humphries back in the Twin Cities.
Jay Leno and Brian Unger snuck into and out of Minnesota recently.
– TCStarlight gets some love on KFAN from Barreiro.
Tubby’s ridic townhouse and Pitino / Kill in comparison.
Greg Jennings throws out first pitch at Target Field and is school hunting for his kids.
Christian and Sam Steele Ponder at Winter Park, the it couple!
– Jared Allen rodeo chaser, in Pine City and Luverne.
Colin Hanks at Wits.
– Hollywood nepotism and After Earth fails.
– The TCS Week Ahead; Chris Mann, Hannibal Burress, Tyga and, that’s it.
– Box and Bobcat are headed to DC / NYC.

Mike ‘Box’ Elder is the editor dude for TCStarlight.com. He once did stand up and killed it. Follow him on Twitter @mikeboxelder and on Instagram.


Bobcat is a contributor to TCStarlight. He loves to camp and enjoy recreational activities. Follow him on Twitter @bobcathotdish and on Instagram.

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