Former Gopher Eric Decker and Jessie James Tie the Knot in Denver

June 25, 2013 - 3:09 pm -

Former Gopher Eric Decker Walks Down Aisle with Country Singer Jessie James in Colorado



Our once favorite local athlete – and current Denver Bronco – Eric Decker married pop singer Jessie James in Denver on Saturday. The future reality show duo had been engaged for quite some time and finally made their love for one another‘s successes official.


If you are curious why we no longer have an affection for Deck, it is because turns out dude is rather thin skinned; something he presumably learned from his superficial ball and chain. We learned this the frustrating way, by tweeting something true about his relationship, which led to him sending his sycophant agent out to bully and harass us.


It is interesting though, when someone is local – from Minnesota that is – we hear things, and what we had heard prior to the Decker / James wedding was that all is not exactly calm seas on the relationship front. So when their reality show Love and Other Contact Sports does hit the E! airwaves, be prepared for that drama kids.


Side note, like with other local celebrity marriages – say Christian Ponder and Sam Steele for example – we gotta ask …


Decker / James Marriage Will Last ...

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Now, as far as the nuptials, we got a number of pictures below, including one with former Gopher football coach Glen Mason and his wife Kate, as well as one with former Gopher quarterback Adam Weber and Decker’s sister Sarah. Remember when Deck and Weber were the two bestest of buddies? If not, we do, so it is interesting to note that Weber wasn’t in the wedding party … Does that have to do with our previous paragraph? In order to avoid more pestering calls, we will leave that up to you to decide.


Oh, and we hate to admit it, but we dig Deck’s hair style, it is very Justin Timberlake.

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