Jared Allen Stuck in Twin Cities Rush Hour Traffic

June 28, 2013 - 12:35 pm -

Vikings Jared Allen Driving in Traffic in Twin Cities Celebrity Sightings



The rich and famous have it easy with regards to a lot of things; swag, sex and courtside tickets for example. There are certain things they aren’t immune to though like us everyday folk, such as traffic. As was the case Wednesday when the Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen got stuck in rush hour on 94. The big guy was driving his big Ford F-350 truck and like everyone else was stop and go. It is the little things like this that make us so happy we have this website. We can’t help it. Anyway, kind of shocked that with that big of a vehicle, Jared didn’t just monster truck everybody in front of him …


Side note, notice the mud on Jared’s truck? Wonder where he has been off-roading … Wherever it was, that is a hilarious mental picture right there.

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