The Reality, Eric Decker & Jessie James Not a Fairy Tale

July 11, 2013 - 11:58 pm -

Eric Decker and Jessie James Not So Happily Ever After



We know how much you kids value our insight and biting wit. So when we hear birds chirping around the Twin Cities about local celebrity folks, we feel it is our duty to share. Especially if those squawkers are directly connected to the so-hot-right-now “it” couple of Denver Bronco – and former Golden Gopher – Eric Decker and country singer Jessie James.


It was just a few weeks ago that the sexy duo tied the knot in Denver, of which we discussed at length. Big timers like TMZ grabbed on during their honeymoon and now everyone expects the two to succesfully start their E! reality show Love and Other Contact Sports later this summer, make crazy beautiful babies and live happily ever after. Well …


Turns out things for pretty people aren’t as easy as us common folk would think. The thing about it is, fairy tales aren’t real life. What we are hearing now is there was a lot of unspoken – and spoken – drama up until and during the wedding. Let’s break it down, shall we.


For one, Decker’s entire family refused to sign the waiver(s) that would allow them to appear on the couple’s upcoming television show. Apparently Eric was informed of this on the big day, and was so upset about it he ran up to his hotel room distraught and crying a mere hour before the ceremony.


Add to that the wedding couldn’t compete in a NFL game, because very few of Decker’s Bronco teammates were in attendance … Even more concerning, Decker’s sister Sarah – who use to be super close to her brother – wasn’t a bridesmaid. How often is that the case?! This might have something to do with Jessie calling her a “slut” earlier this year – in the locker room they would refer to this as a schism – but we digress.


Basically what we are hearing is everyone on “Team Decker” per se – friends, teammates, family – aren’t fans of Jessie and thus don’t support the relationship. Decker himself on the other hand is loving and embracing the celebrity of it all, and we’re hearing it has all gone to his – normally grounded – head.




Now we have our opinions on the whole situation, but just for our edification, what do you think about the Decker / James relationship?


Decker / James?

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Side note, what a perfectly annoying photo Jessie posted to her Instagram today to compliment this article so well!

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