Sadly KDWB’s Falen Gets Engaged, Happily Pimps Liquor

July 22, 2013 - 5:14 pm -

Falen KDWB in Twin Cities Celeb Sightings



One of our favorite personalities in the Twin Cities media is officially – set to be – off the market. Falen Bonsett from the Dave Ryan in the Morning Show on KDWB got engaged Friday night to KFAN’s Paul ‘Meatsauce’ Lambert on the Stone Arch Bridge. Sad news really, because we thought had we had the opportunity, we really could have hit it off with Miss Falen … Though that is probably far from the truth, but at least we will never know otherwise and that can never be taken from us!


In light of the betrothal, we wanted to go back to happier times, when Falen wasn’t off the market; like this past Friday afternoon when she made an appearance at Surdyk’s in Northeast Minneapolis to pimp some liquor. Rockin’ a turquoise dress, Falen showed off why Paul put a ring on it! Damn girl.


Anyway, if we weren’t so bitter – and anti-marriage for that matter – we would say congratulations to the two. Instead, we will just say to the kids, word.


Side note, you know how they say there is a “reacher” and a “settler” in a relationship? Well, we don’t think we need to point out which of the two young lovers is which in this particular case …

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