Gopher Athletics Welcome Kris Humphries Back to the Pav

July 24, 2013 - 8:27 am -

Kris Humphries on University of Minnesota Campus Celeb Sightings



Seems that University of Minnesota athletics and coach Rich Pitino are really trying to embrace Gopher alumni¬†Kris Humphries¬†these days … Back at the Sports Pavilion on Tuesday night, Kris was rockin’ his new team’s apparel – that of course being the Boston Celtics – as he ran sprints as well as got some shots in.


It just so happened too that the Gopher volleyball team was practicing and tried to get a little love from the big guy and his scruff of facial hair. Also pictured above are some hockey cheerleaders that snuck in a sweaty hug. They say you can’t teach height, and nor can you explain women’s fascination with large dense athletes …


Side note, why do we feel like if we smashed Kim Kardashian, no girl would want to be around us? It just doesn’t seem fair.

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