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Five Increasingly Ridiculous Predictions on How Breaking Bad Will End

August 11, 2013 - 9:03 pm -

Predicting the Breaking Bad Ending


Walter and Jesse are unfortunately hanging up their graduated cylinders. AMC’s hit show Breaking Bad, has only eight episodes left to air beginning August 11th, (they probably don’t need that plug). So many questions to be answered! Will Walter finally have control over a meth empire? Can Jesse actually get out of the game? Is Walter Jr. finally going to do anything besides eat breakfast for the love of God!?


Few televisions shows have been able to accomplish what Vince Gilligan and company have done on Breaking Bad, especially in the short span of five seasons. The consistent cliffhangers and unnerving twists and turns are only a piece of darkly shot, brilliantly acted and written drama. Where will they leave us at the end of the series? Take these predictions with a grain of salt, as any fan of the show knows ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!


1. Walter White is murdered.
It seems almost too obvious. “Heisenberg” has made enemies, killed along the way and with less and less remorse. Any number of people are capable of pulling the trigger. Skylar is finally too fed up with the lifestyle and goes postal in a dramatic murder suicide. Jesse realizes it was Mr. White that poisoned young Brock and pops a cap in his ass. We’ve seen Hank bust up Jesse; he finally loses his temper after he finds out the elusive Heisenberg is his brother-in-law and beats him to death with his bare hands. Hell, maybe Skinny Pete kills him.


2. Hank becomes the new Mike Ehrmantraut.
Plausible? Not really. Inconceivable? Maybe not. Hank and Walter have a good relationship, and when Walter puts on that Heisenberg hat he gets people to do what he wants. If Walter really wants to start an empire he damn well better have some dirty cops backing him, especially one as powerful as ASAC Schrader. ASAC means Assistant Special Agent in Charge, they never tell you what it means so there it is. But Hank is the “good guy” now after Walter has made some questionable choices. Chances are he becomes the yin to Walter’s yang and the two will have some sort of epic showdown (see #1).


3. Jesse leaves town.
Time and time again Jesse is out, bitch. Either that or he goes on a meth binge. Saul Goodman gave Jesse a good piece of advice. Get the hell out of town and never come back! Jesse and Walter have shifted roles over the first 4.5 seasons. Whereas Jesse was the badass and Walter was the meticulously logical one in the first few seasons, it really has reversed. Jesse is smart enough to take Saul’s advice and move to Indiana or London or Australia.


4.  Marie stops being such a nag.
It’s hard to blame Hank for his mineral habit when he is bedridden. Marie is the worst, there is nothing positive to say about her character. She’s also a little bit nuts, going to open houses and making up fake lives for herself. She’s going to say something to Walter in these last episodes and get backhanded, because he’s not taking any shit from anyone ever again.


5. Walter’s cancer metastasizes and on his deathbed teaches Walter Jr. how to cook the blue and run the family business.
This definitely isn’t going to happen. But it would be sweet to have predicted such an outlandish turn of events.


Enjoy these last eight episodes; it might be some time until there’s another program of this quality. Rumor has it there is a Saul Goodman spin-off in the works, better call Saul! And remember … Meth: Not Even Once!

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