TCS Weekly #35 w/ Box and Zombie

August 18, 2013 - 9:35 pm -

TCStarlight Podcast Minneapolis Celebrity Sightings


Box and Zombie are back after a disappointing hiatus. The guys discuss a Los Angeles water menu, Vikings training camp and more! As always, leave your thoughts on topics discussed in the comments below and be sure to subscribe in iTunes.


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The TCS Weekly Rundown —
– A Los Angeles restaurant debuts a water menu.
– Box wants to blog about the life of an actor.
– Box on the Loyola Marymount campus.
– TCS App of the Week; Voxer.
– Simon Cowell’s bastard child.
– Adrian Peterson drunk at training camp and shooting a lot of hoops.
– Peter King creepin’ on Sam Steele Ponder at training camp.
– Greg Jennings does a little shopping at Best Buy.
– Have Josh Hartnett / Tamsin Egerton dethroned the Ponders as the Twin Cities hottest couple?
– Zombie’s disgusting sidebar … …
– Nick Leddy happy hour at Kieran’s.
– Hysterical Theo Von at Mystic Lake.
– The TCS Week Ahead; Carly Rae Jepsen, Ke$ha and more!

Mike ‘Box’ Elder is the editor dude for TCStarlight.com. He needs to do his laundry. Follow him on Twitter @mikeboxelder and on Instagram.


Zombie is a TCStarlight podcast personality. He enjoys tofu fajitas. Follow him on Twitter @ZombieWill and on Instagram.

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