Adam Carolla Compliments Minnesota in Sexually Explicit Terms

August 22, 2013 - 12:12 am -

Adam Carolla Talks Minnesota



Comedian Adam Carolla referred to Minnesota in passing on his very popular podcast The Adam Carolla Show Monday night.


After hearing a news story about California trying to pass legislation to force feed their inmates, Carolla began to juxtapose his state’s numerous problems with all the praise it gets. The former Man Show host alluded to California as “Get[ting] by like a fucking hot blonde on her looks, who never wanted to crack the books.”


In comparison, he referenced little old Minnesota as such —


Minnesota is the chick who is kind of cute in the face with the big ass who goes “I better suck a hell of cock”. And she gets busy. Busy! She is literally sucking cock while she’s studying her algebra book.


Have a listen to the whole rant below via AdamCarolla.com



Though a somewhat crude comparison – and a pretty funny one at that – he seems to be complimenting our culture, work ethic and people. We find it flattering. What do you think?


Carolla's take on Minnesota?

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Side note, for those that wanna see / hear more Carolla, he will be doing two shows at the Varsity Theater in late September, the first of which is already sold out.

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