Minnesota State Fair Welcomes Josh Hartnett’s Thighs

August 24, 2013 - 1:13 pm -

Josh Hartnett in the Twin Cities Celeb Sightings



Everyone loves the Minnesota State Fair. So much sweat, excess and those residue / patina covered gondolas – that you can’t be sure bodily fluids won’t fall from – floating over everybody. What’s not to love?


Stopping by the 89.3 Current / MPR booth Friday was thespian Josh Hartnett, who just got back from a trip to Italy. Rocking sunglasses, those long hair curtains and some lace ups, dude did a little radio interview bright and early.


Also, hello thighs! Those short shorts look like they belong in the 1970’s NBA.


Side note, no word if girlfriend Tamsin Egerton was with him or not, but we will assume she was. Though she is uber sexy, most people don’t recognize her as anything but attractive yet. When the duo’s film Singularity is released later this year, maybe they will though.

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