TCS Weekly #36 w/ Box and Zombie

August 25, 2013 - 7:50 pm -

TCStarlight Podcast Minneapolis Celebrity Sightings


Box and Zombie are energized and super pop culture-y today. Topics include Lamar Odom upgrading from Pixy Stix, celebrities at the Minnesota State Fair and more! As always, leave your thoughts on topics discussed in the comments below and be sure to subscribe in iTunes.


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The TCS Weekly Rundown —
– Lamar Odom is addicted to crack cocaine; turns out Pixy Stix are a gateway powder.
The Mortal Instruments tanked this weekend.
– Ben Affleck is Batman.
– North West, planned or accident?
– Coffee mugs are great.
Kendra Wilkinson at the Mud Games and Seven Sushi.
Carly Rae Jepsen and The Wanted at the Zoo.
– Giant panda at the National Zoo had a panda cub.
The Wanted visit Target Field.
– Chad’s Twins column, Twins Fans Suck.
Cris Carter rocks a scarf around the Twin Cities.
Ke$ha at the Myth.
Adrian Peterson pimps Wheaties box at Clear Channel.
Dave Ryan visits Sport Clips and do you talk during haircuts?
Zach Parise and wifey eat at Red Cow.
– Josh Hartnett, Corey Brewer, RT Rybak and more celebrities at the State Fair.
– Josh Hartnett and girlfriend Tamsin Egerton share a flaming adult beverage at Psycho Suzi’s.
– The TCS Week Ahead; Sheryl Crow, Tennessee Titans, Matisyahu and more!

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