Gone Huntin’, Christian Ponder Vents Frustrations via Firearms

October 21, 2013 - 12:11 pm -

Christian Ponder in Twin Cities Celeb Sightings



A demotion is never easy to handle. It can hurt the head, the heart and the ego. So it is best to get away from it all after one happens and let off some steam …


Former Minnesota Vikings’ starting quarterback¬†Christian Ponder did just that last Tuesday when he stopped by Traxler’s Hunting Preserve in Le Center. We presume he fired some weapons – probably at animals – and just cut loose.


When you go from a Twin Cities darling – and it’s hottest couple w/ wifey Sam Steele Ponder¬†– to a polarizing waste of a roster spot – and second ranked hottest couple behind hipster¬†Josh Hartnett – it has gotta hurt his pride … A lot.


Thus, wrapping your hand around some cold medal and sending some small game back to their maker has gotta help vent some of that frustration! Hell, that is what the second amendment is for after all.


Side note, we are looking forward to the Josh Freeman era to start tonight!

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