Top 5 NFL QB’s We All Love to Hate

October 28, 2013 - 2:59 pm -

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In American sports the quarterback reigns supreme. The best of the best are showered with love and adoration, while others that fall short become objects of scorn; the metaphorical sacrificial lambs. There are a number of ways a QB can garner enough contempt and disdain to land on this list. Some have the best intentions but simply don’t have the talent to meet expectations. Some have personality flaws that make them an easy target for criticism. Others are just plain assholes. This list was fairly easy to throw together after disqualifying Tim Tebow because he is not currently on an NFL roster. That being said, let the hating commence!


Honorable Mention: Ben Roethlisberger and Michael Vick – Sexual assault and killing puppies. These guys must be popular with the ladies.


5. Philip Rivers
What are the odds that this guy is not a complete asshole? What is the over/under on bar fights Rivers and his bros have instigated? Can’t you just picture him at the bar downing copious redbull vodkas and mouthing off all alpha male style to guys half his size?


Not to generalize a whole region, but that good-ole-boy southern accent isn’t really helping his cause either. I’m not too familiar with Rivers’ off-field persona, but his intense on-field demeanor is how I picture roid-rage personified. It’s kind of ironic that a guy who seems so testosterone driven actually throws the deep ball like a girl.


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4. Tony Romo
Everything is bigger in Texas, and hate for Tony Romo is no exception. Romo’s greatest professional achievement has been publicly dating and dumping Jessica Simpson. However when it comes to football, the guy has been given opportunity after opportunity to succeed and continues to fall short. He has all the talent in the world but is a constant disappointment.


Romo was crowned the king of one of the most devout fan bases in America without earning it, is consistently bad at the end of important games and had a billion dollar stadium built in part due to his marketability. The Cowboys underperform year after year and what does Jerry Jones decide to do? Give this guy a $100 million contract of course. How bout dem Cowboys!


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3. Eli Manning
This guy vested golden boy Tom Brady in multiple Superbowl’s and still hasn’t earned outright support from his fan base. It takes a special sort of pouty-bitch to pull that off. Manning’s lineage is nothing short of QB royalty, and what makes him even more hate-able is that he is arguably the most physically talented member of the Manning clan. While poise comes so natural to older brother Peyton Manning, Eli’s mannerisms and facial expressions when facing adversity resemble that of a 5th grader who’s mom refused to let him have his dessert without first finishing his vegetables.


Eli is the ultimate feast-or-famine QB and even his supporters are starting to get sick of his volatility. He has had flashes of brilliance that make you think that maybe-just-maybe he has taken the next step, but the mercurial Manning always seems to find a way to plummet back down to mediocrity. Without the two rings in his trophy case Eli is an easy #1 pick for most hated.


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2. Mark Sanchez
Once a New York fan base proclaimed this no talent pretty boy as the “San-chise” after coasting to a couple of playoff victories on the back of his defense, his fate was all but sealed. Sanchez and his faux Derek Jeter facade slowly but surely began to crumble, and once he started to show his true colors and regress towards the mean, his adoring fans quickly turned on him.


Adding to his hate-ability is the man crush his uber douche coach Rex Ryan seemed to have on him even after he continued to suck ass. Speaking of sucking ass, it is highly likely that the only thing Sanchez will even be remembered for in this league is the infamous ‘butt fumble’. Seriously it never gets old.


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1. Jay Cutler
The hate is strong with this one. Cutler started building his reputation as the original emo-quarterback early in his career; pulling himself in the 2nd half of the NFC championship game for a highly questionable injury just confirmed it. Even if we give Cutler the benefit of the doubt with that injury, he continues to lose big games but never seems to hold himself accountable. Bear with me as we go down the list of other reasons why it is oh-so-easy to hate smokin’ Jay Cutler:


Ambivalent demeanor? Check.
Waste of physical talent? Check.
Reportedly a dick to teammates, ball boys and NFL stadium staff? Check.
Continually letting down fans? Check
Negative mannerisms and facial expressions? Check.
Mentally weak? Check.
Douchey persona? Check.
Shrinks in important games? Check.
General I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude? Check


Cutler is a rare breed of asshole that effortlessly radiates a douche-bag aura. Being hated just comes so natural to him.


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Well there you have it. Now that you know my thoughts, let me know who you love to hate the most by answering the poll and sharing your comments below!


Which QB do you love to hate the most?

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