Superstars of Minnesota Sports Convene at Target Field

October 29, 2013 - 4:36 pm -

Minnesota Sports Superstars Gather at Target Field for Perk at Play



Dude! Minnesota sports superstar conference alert! Kare 11’s resident stoner / goofball Eric Perkins brought together three of the biggest names in Minnesota professional sports – and one not-even-the-best-player-on-his-team name – this afternoon at Target Field.


Perk was taping a segment with a big-time player from each of the Twin Cities’ four major sports franchises; Minnesota Vikings’ Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Timberwolves’ Kevin Love, Minnesota Twins’ Joe Mauer and the Minnesota Wild’s Mikko Koivu.


Fun fact, this apparently marks the first time most of the four have met each other. As is such, all of them wore their sharpest autumn attire for the interview; Mauer even rocked some eccentric flood pants / bell bottoms.


Interesting too that the Minnesota Lynx – the only “team” that wins in this town – wasn’t represented on the panel. Sexist? Maybe a little, but it is Perk after all.


Nonetheless, this athlete assembly, this roundtable of testerone, this jock convention – whatever you want to call it – begs a number of questions …


Biggest Superstar?

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Most Important to Team?

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Most Important to Minny?

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@ Dinner, Who Pays?

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Side note, even though we have gotten a spoiled vibe from him at times and KTWIN is still a joke of a radio station, we actually enjoy Perkins and you gotta give him credit for putting this panel together. We sure as hell couldn’t pull it off, for example Nick Punto still won’t even return our phone calls …

What do you think about the Minnesota sports superstars getting together? Who do you think is the most important to their team / sport / Minnesota etc? Let us know in the comments below!

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