Clever and Quirky Scott Aukerman Visits Saint Paul

November 9, 2013 - 1:25 pm -

Scott Aukerman in Minnesota Celeb Sightings



One of our very favorite funnymen¬†Scott Aukerman was in Saint Paul Thursday night for MPR’s Wits at the Fitzgerald Theater. Also a guest was comedian Eugene Mirman.


If you are unfamiliar with Scott, you must not enjoy comedy, and you probably haven’t listened to his improv / celebrity filled¬†Comedy Bang Bang¬†podcast or seen it’s sister television show on IFC. Dude is just so clever / quirky and add to that his quickness, you have a comedy trifecta of epic laugh proportions! We can’t help but look up to him and what he does. (So let this be a note, if you are happening to read this Mister Aukerman and are in need of some free labor, I’m your intern and/or production assistant! No joke.)


Also this morning before he left town, Scott visited Rice Park – one could presume then that he was staying at the Saint Paul Hotel – and some of the iconic bronze Peanuts statues with his nephew. Great photo right there.


Side note, John Moe and company over at Wits are really killing it this year with talented and hilarious folks. Not that they don’t always, but just seems like they are on their game right now.

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