Elegant Selena Gomez Helps Launch Verizon Destination Store at MoA

November 22, 2013 - 12:11 pm -

Selena Gomez in Minnesota Celeb Sightings



On Wednesday Verizon opened up their new Destination Store at the Mall of America. This new 7,000 sq ft space is basically a venue where you can test / play with every technology available … Like an adult Chucky Cheese if you will!


As is the case with any grand opening, they brought in an A-lister to help the launch …  And that just so happened to be pop star Selena Gomez, who was in the Twin Cities for a concert at Target Center Thursday night.


We’re going to be completely honest, we really dig Miss Gomez, she seems like one cool chick. That and at only 21 she carries herself so well, and is just so damn elegant. There is something to be said about being tasteful rather than crude kiddies! If you want to emulate one of the divas from the current crop, we recommend her.


Also, if you wanna see more pictures of the event, go on Twitter, they are ubiquitous over there. Miss Selena’s fans seem to thoroughly enjoy seeing her in numerous angles / lights.


Side note, we hate to admit it, but remember Wizards of Waverly Place? That was actually a pretty good show …

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