Concussed Christian Ponder Continues Shopping, Skips Stadium Groundbreaking

December 4, 2013 - 7:30 am -

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Concussion schmocussion! Despite team physicians saying that Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder got his Metrodome concussed in Sunday’s game, that isn’t going to stop him from continuing to shop as much as a teenage Twilight fan. Yesterday him and his wifey Sam Steele Ponder hit up Southdale Center for a little afternoon stroll.


Sporting his best sweats / loungewear and a trucker hat, the troubled NFL-er took time to take a photo with a fan in what appears to be Champs Sports.


This of course means – being at roughly the same time and all – that CP7 did not participate in the new Vikings stadium groundbreaking ceremony that took place in downtown Minneapolis yesterday. A sign that he isn’t a part of this team long term? Yeah, seems to be the obvious assumption.


And while were on the stadium, let’s just say Minnesotans are just suckers for paying for that. Zygi Wilf literally sits in the Mediterranean Sea on his 30-foot yacht in his YSL board shorts, sippin’ a vintage Krug Brut and sniggers at us gullible “nice” people. But hey, at least while he is “busy” with that, we have the ever enjoyable electronic pull-tabs!


Anyway, back to it, let’s play detective now shall we … Yet another trip out in Edina for the Ponders – we have seen either / both of these two in the city limits at least 10 times in the last few months – and a lake home on the market; this continues to lend itself to our thought that this duo is renting an apartment in the cake-eater territory. Presumably, this is until CP7’s fate with the Vikings is determined.


We can’t find anything about where exactly this is though – rental records aren’t an exact science, or even public for that matter – but maybe we will stumble on something. We’ve done it before with these two.


Side note, if you read this on City Pages, we wouldn’t be shocked. Although you probably had to fight through about 487 ads, only to see that you basically re-read on their site what we wrote first …  No problem though, isn’t it about time big-journalism / newspapers gets a fair shake in the world of technology and the internet?

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