Philanthropic Cordarrelle Rocks Not-Required Pink Shoes at MoA

December 4, 2013 - 12:07 am -

Cordarrelle Patterson in Twin Cities Celeb Sightings



It’s that time of year, the season of giving! Something even we participate in. We hate to gloat, but we gave a homeless guy $5 to get a burger just yesterday. Of course though, society and deities alike frown upon advertising one’s charitable gifts, so pretend we didn’t just to tell you that.


Likewise, pretend the Minnesota Vikings didn’t go ahead and share with the world that their speedy rookie Cordarrelle Patterson stopped by the Mall of America to donate to Toys for Tots today.


CP rocked his usual Puma attire for the appearance. He also sat down with the “voice of the Vikings” Paul Allen; or as we like to refer to him as, Captain Douche. We just that made up, not our best work.


Anyway, give to thine neighbors y’all, it’s the hip thing to do.


Side note, pink shoes? Really? And post-October’s NFL exploiting of breast cancer awareness?  Hmm … Bold move.

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